Forgotten Secrets

Session 1 - Epilogue

The adventure began...

Session 1 – Epilogue

For the stuff that happens while you are waiting on Prakith. Please put your character name in bold type, then put what happened.
(Example: Darth Valere – Running around the galaxy…)

Varo Taan spends his time cleaning his armor, watching combat oriented holo tapes, destroying training droids in the gym, and seeing to it that Kel Alaris has received adequate medical care. The two may not get along but no Mando would ever turn his back on another. To do so would bring grave dishonor to himself and his clan. And while he entertains thoughts of home, he has no desire to return. Varo sells some goods

Zentaris Aeterna was immediately sent to the medical wing of the Sith Temple of Prakith to be treated for his injurys. Zen awakens



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