Master Slyfer

Sith Lord, Master to Apprentice Zentaris Aeterna


Master Slyfer CL 15
Medium Duros Jedi 7/Sith Apprentice 5/Sith Lord 3
Force 14, Strong in the Force
Init +14; Senses Perception +15
Languages Basic, Durese, Sith, Mando’a, Arkanian

Defenses Ref 30 (28 flat-footed), Fort 28, Will 31; Block, Deflect
hp 128; Threshold 28
Immune fear effects

Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber, double 18 (2d89/19-20)
Ranged by weapon +17
Base Atk +15; Grp +17

Atk Options Assured Attack, Overwhelming Attack, Unstoppable Force

Force Powers Known (Use the Force +20) Convection, Dark Rage, Dark Transfer, Force Grip, Force Lightning, Force Storm (JATM), Kinetic Combat, Move Object (2), Negate Energy, Rebuke, Rend

Abilities Str 12, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 16

Special Qualities Expert Pilot, Fearless, Temptation, Build Lightsaber

Talents Block, Deflect, Power of the Dark Side, Dark Side Manipulation, Affliction, Dark Healing, Improved Dark Healing, Dark Scourge, Stolen Form x1

Feats Assured Attack, Force Sensitivity, Force Training, Overwhelming Attack, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Strong in the Force, Unstoppable Force, Weapon Focus (lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (simple)

Skills Initiative +14, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +15, Knowledge (Tactics) +15, Perception +15, Use the Force +20

Possessions double-bladed lightsaber

Convection (swift; you)
DC 15: your unarmed melee attacks deal +1d6 fire damage and if damaged, the target catches fire
DC 20: deal +2d6 fire damage
DC 25: deal +3d6 fire damage
DC 30: deal +4d6 fire damage
Spend a Force Point to deal fire damage to any creature that strikes you whilst unarmed

Dark Rage (swift; you) • Dark Side
DC15: +2 attack and damage with melee weapons until the end of your next turn
DC20: as DC 15 except +4 to attack and damage
DC25: as DC 15 except +6 to attack and damage
Spend a Force Point to extend rage until end of encounterFALSE

Dark Transfer (standard; one living creature touched) • Dark Side
DC 15: heal 15 hit points
DC 20: heal 30 hit points
DC 25: heal 45 hit points
DC 30: heal 60 hit points
Gain 1 DSP and move -1 persistant step down condition track
Spend a Force Point to avoid moving down the condition track

Force Grip (standard; one target within 12 squares) • Telekinetic
DC 15: +20 vs. Fortitude, 2d6 damage and the target can only take 1 swift action on their next turn; half damage on a miss and target acts normally
DC 20: as DC 15 except 4d6 damage
DC 25: as DC 15 except 6d6 damage
Maintain as standard action, rerolling each round
Spend a Force Point to deal +2d6 damage

Force Lightning (standard; one target within 6 squares) • Dark Side
+20 vs. Reflex, target takes 8d6 damage and moves -1 step down the condition track, half damage on a miss
Spend a Force Point to move target an additional step down the condition track

Force Storm (JATM) (standard; one designated area within 12 squares and line of sight) • Dark Side
DC 20: cover a 3×3 square area with storm until the end of your next turn, deals 2d6 acid damage to any creature that enters or begins turn in area; grants concealment, -5 penalty to Perception to listen
DC 25: as DC 20 except a 4×4 square area
DC 30: as DC 20 except a 5×5 square area
DC 35: as DC 20 except a 6×6 square area
Maintain as standard action
Spend a Force Point for +2d6 damage

Kinetic Combat (standard; you) • Telekinetic
+20 v.s DC 20 to telekinetically move one one-handed melee weapon and make +18 attack and deal damage using Charisma modifier instead of Strength; weapons threaten adjacent targets
Maintain as a swift action, attack with single weapon costs a standard action
Spend a Force Point to gain a +1 bonus to attack

Move Object (standard; one character or object within 12 squares and line of sight) • Telekinetic
+20 vs Will if target resists, hurl or drop object vs. target’s Reflex, both take damage according to DC below
DC 15: Move up to medium object, 2d6 damage
DC 20: Move up to large object, 4d6 damage
DC 25: Move up to huge object, 6d6 damage
DC 30: Move up to gargantuan object, 8d6 damage
DC 35: Move up to colossal object, 10d6 damage
Moving or hovering target opposes Use the Force with a grapple check
Spend a Force Point to increase max size of object one category and +2d6 damage (max 12d6)
Spend a Destiny Point to increase max size three categories and +6d6 damage (max 16d6)

Negate Energy (reaction; one attack that deals energy damage)
+20 vs. damage to negate, failure take damage as normal, must be aware of attack
Spend a Force Point to regain hit points equal to the damage negated

Rebuke (reaction; one Force power directed at you)
+20 vs. check of Force power to negate, beat check of Force power by 5 or more and redirect against creator; if the creator in turn rebukes, both of you suffer the effects of the power
Spend a Force Point for no effect on 2nd rebuke

Rend (standard; one target within 6 squares and line of sight) • Dark Side
+20 vs. Reflex, target takes 3d6 damage, natural 20 is considered a critical and doubles damage, if target is reduced to 0 hit points, you can rip target in half
Spend a Force Point to deal +2d6 damage


Gender: Male
Species: Duros
Location of Birth: Unknown
Eyes: Red
Hair: Bald
Master: High Council Sith Master Ousiris

Due to his extreme and longer than normal training, Slyfer is highly powerful in the Force and a very skilled lightsaber combatant. Slyfer was also taught to question everything, and rarely agrees with the High Council’s decisions. And follows his own interpretation of the Sith Code. He acquired the same dark, sour and twisted humor of his Master.

Slyfer was not born on Duro. He doesn’t know exactly what planet he was born on, but he knows it wasn’t his species home planet. In fact, he doesn’t remember much before being found by his Master, a reclusive former Sith Lord named Ousiris, a male Yakan. Being a Yakan, Ousiris had a twisted sense of humor and lacked any visual signs of expression. Ousiris trained Slyfer in the ways of the Sith in solitude far from the Sith Academy on Parkith or Korriban. After 25 years in isolation, Ousiris had a visit one day, member of the Sith High Council. Slyfer discovered Ousiris had abandoned the Sith Alliance and his rank as Council member, believing the Sith had grown weak and complacent with the Jedi having seemingly disappeared and a cease fire having been called with the Mandalorians. He then found Slyfer and began teaching him in the ancient ways of the Sith, the way Ousiris believed an apprentice should be trained. Slyfer was not aware of what this Council Member and his master spoke about but it was a long conversation, and the Council Member left rather abruptly and seething of anger. Ousiris was very tense after the meeting. A few more years pass and eventually Ousiris sent Slyer to Korriban, where he met with the Council. The Council would only grant him a place among their ranks if he killed his Master. Slyfer refused to kill the only person he had known for the last almost 30 years. At this point, Ousiris himself steps out and states that this is the last thing he has to teach Slyfer before igniting his lightsaber and attacked Slyfer. The battle lasted a lifetime for Slyfer, but he could not bring himself to slay his Master. Then Ousiris hit him repeated with Force Lightning and that’s when Slyfer broke. His eyes narrowed and filled with fire. He turned the Lightning back at Ousiris, momentarily shocking him, and then lunged, severing his Master’s head from his shoulders. The Council granted him the rank of Sith Lord and welcomed him into their ranks, but he never cared for the Council. He held to the teach of his Master and in so butted heads with the Council many times through the years. Most recently so in the taking of a ‘forbidden’ acolyte as his apprentice…

Master Slyfer

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