Yarkoran Assassin


Medium Yarkora scoundrel 2/Jedi 1/scout 1
Force 7; Dark Side 4
Init +15; Senses Perception +10
Languages Basic, Yarkora

Defenses Ref 18 (16 flat-footed), Fort 14, Will 18
hp 31; Threshold 14

Speed 6 squares
Melee axe +1 (1d8 +1)
Melee unarmed +1 (1d4 +1)
Ranged crossbow +4 (1d8 +2)
Ranged crossbow +5 (1d8 +3) with Point Blank Shot
Ranged pulse-wave pistol +4 (2d6 +2)
Ranged pulse-wave pistol +5 (2d6 +3) with Point Blank Shot
Base Atk +2; Grp +4
Atk Options Point Blank Shot
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +10) Mind Shard, Obscure, Stagger, Surge

Abilities Str 8, Dex 15, Con 8, Int 14, Wis 17, Cha 16
Special Qualities Confusion, Deceptive, Streetwise, Gather Information is a class skill
Talents Battle Meditation, Malkite Techniques, Watchful Step
Feats Force Sensitivity, Force Training, Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Deception), Weapon Proficiency (pistols), Weapon Proficiency (simple), Instinctive Attack
Skills Acrobatics +9, Deception +15 (can reroll, but must accept second result), Gather Information +10, Perception +10, Stealth +9, Use the Force +10
Possessions crossbow, 3 bolts (10), 2 power packs

Mind Shard (standard; one creature within 12 squares and line of sight) • Mind-Affecting
DC 15: +10 vs. Will, deal 2d8 damage and move the target -1 step down the condtion track which cannot be removed until the end of your next turn
DC 20: as DC 15 except 3d8 damage
DC 25: as DC 15 except 4d8 damage
DC 30: as DC 15 except 5d8 damage
Spend a Force Point to deal +2d8 damage

Obscure (reaction; one target within 12 squares and line of sight) • Mind-Affecting
+10 vs. Will to reduce attack by -5, if attack misses you can make them reroll against an adjacent creature, also at -5 to attack
Spend Force Point to apply -5 to all attacks they make until the start of its next turn

Stagger (swift; 1) • Telekinetic
+10 vs. Fortitude; 2d6 Force damage and target is pushed one square away from you
Spend Force Point to affect all enemies adjacent to you, move does not provoke attack of opportunity

Surge (free; you)
DC 10: + 10 Force bonus to Jump (+ 11), speed 8
DC 15: + 20 Force bonus to Jump (+ 21), speed 10
DC 20: + 30 Force bonus to Jump (+ 31), speed 12
Spend a Force Point to increase Jump bonus by +10 and movement by +2 squares
Using the surge power counts as a running start for determining a Jump DC
Spend a Destiny Point to gain +4 squares of movement; when you do so, you may also use any and all movement for the round as a part of a jump (no Jump check required)


Species: Yarkora
Age: 32
Sex: Male

Zeik’s childhood, though exceptionally normal while it lasted, was cut short by a Sith Lord. Lord Quar discovered the force-sensitive youth in the slums of Nar Shadaa and murdered his parents when they refused to part with the boy. Zeik showed an early aptitude for the creation of poisons, and his Master pushed him to become an Assassin. However, his proficiency with poisons was in stark contrast to his species natural clumsiness. Without stealth he had no way to administer the poisons. His master became furious with the youth, but did not stop pushing him. He threw Zeik into numerous situations where evasion of the target was the only method of survival. Zeik nearly failed many of the tests, but in time became competent at remaining unseen.
His natural wit made Zaik an able liar and brilliant conversationalist, a counterpoint to the brooding anger of his master. His force use also complimented his masters. His Master’s use of the Force to Rend his opponents was legendary, and only substituted with the occasional volley of Force Lightning. Zeik, on the other hand, preferred indirect means of attack. He would cloud the mind, and weaken the body of his attackers, setting them up for a lethal injection of poison.
Lord Quar admired Zeik’s abilities, but soon realized they would not make him a worthy Sith. His abilities with the force gave him an edge in battle, but against a Jedi or Sith they would be less than worthless, potentially hindering him more than helping. His prowess with poisons was equally useless against any opponent worth fighting. Lord Quar informed the High Council of his decision, and they granted his request to abandon the youth and take another apprentice.
Zeik traveled back to Nar Shadaa, where he put his knowledge to use as a con artist and thief. His employers became aware of his training with poisons, and Zeik finally entered the field most suited to his expertise: Assassin. His assignments often involved nothing more than infiltrating a residence, or private club and poisoning his prey. Other times he put his conversational skills to the test and acted as a spy. He avoided fights when possible, but when pushed his arsenal of force powers and poison tipped crossbow bolts made short work of most adversaries. It wasn’t long before he gained recognition off planet, and soon he was contracting himself out to the highest bidder. The Sith took notice and began to hire him themselves. He preferred working for the Sith, as he’d never really intended to leave them, and always took their contracts when possible.


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