Zentaris Aeterna

Male Pau'an Sith Force-user


Zentaris Aeterna CL 4
Medium Pau’an Jedi 3 / Noble 1
Destiny 2; Force 7; Dark Side 11
Init +9; Senses low-light vision, Perception +10
Languages Basic, Utapese, Mando’a, Sith
Defenses Ref 17 (15 flat-footed), Fort 15, Will 19
hp 48; Threshold 15

Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber + 3 (2d8 + 2)
Ranged blaster pistol, Theed Arms S5 + 5 (3d8 + 2)
Kinetic Combat Lightsaber + 6 (2d8 +3 )
Base Atk +3; Grp +5

Force Powers Known (Use the Force +15) Farseeing, Force Lightning, Kinetic Combat, Mind Trick, Move Object (2), Negate Energy (2)

Abilities Str 10 (+ 0), Dex 14 (+ 2), Con 10 (+ 0), Int 14 (+ 2), Wis 16 (+ 3), Cha 16 (+ 3)

Special Qualities Authority, Low-Light Vision, Skill Focus Persuasion if trained-

Talents Illusion, Drain Knowledge, Krath Surge

Feats Force Sensitivity, Force Training, Skill Focus (Persuasion, Use the Force), Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, pistols, simple)

Skills Acrobatics +4, Climb +2, Deception +5, Endurance +2, Gather Information +5, Initiative +9, Jump +2, Knowledge (bureaucracy) +4, Knowledge (galactic lore) +4, Knowledge (life sciences) +4, Knowledge (physical sciences) +4, Knowledge (social sciences) +4, Knowledge (tactics) +4, Knowledge (technology) +4, Mechanics +4, Perception +10, Persuasion +15, Pilot +4, Ride +4, Stealth +4, Survival +5, Swim +2, Treat Injury +5, Use Computer +4, Use the Force +15

Possessions lightsaber, Blaster pistol, Theed Arms S-5 (inbuilt ascension gun and dart launcher) w/ flash suppressor/silencer, 2 Sith apprentice’s robes, 2 black robes, dark-colored Jedi robes, dark robes, utility belt, all-temperature cloak, 2 special energy cells, 2 energy cells, 4 Dioxis Darts (1 mag), 4 Knockout Drop Darts (1 mag), 4 Paralytic Poison Darts (1 mag), credit chip, 510 credits


The Long History of Zentaris Aeterna


Gender: Male
Born: 5,575 ABY
Location of Birth: Utapau, Outer Rim
Height: 1.93 m (6 ft 4in)
Weight: 70.31 kg (155 lbs)
Eyes: Large, sunken black eyes in red eye sockets.
Hair: Bald, striped and furrowed gray skin
Masters: Mandalorian General Skirata, Master Slyfer

Zen is tall like all Pau’an, standing at 6ft 4in, but he is gangly only weighing about 155 lbs at that height. He has no hair and his eyes are solid black and set in red and has jagged, fang-like teeth. He wears plain dark colored robes, as well as a utility belt containing his lightsaber and pistol (with its various poison dart cartridges) and replacement energy cells.

Zen is still somewhat shy and reserved, but is very diplomatic as are most Pau’ans. He will resort to any means necessary to achieve his objective, and he sees nothing as being underhanded or dirty or ‘unfair’, all simply different routes to success. He will always try to avoid straight on fights, as he prefers to take his opponents by surprise (by creating Illusions) or by weakening them before attacking (such as using Force Lightning or his poison darts).

He has only recently started adopting the Sith ways as his own and so while he has ambition and drive like normal Sith, he lacks the typical ego that most Sith possess. He spends most of performing task the Master Slyfer sets for him, or training directly under his Master. He still reveres the Mandalorians as great warriors and is more trusting of them than almost any other Sith, but other than Mandalore The Victor, all of his former comrades are now “marching very far away.” Zen still checks in with Clan Skirata from time to time. But Zen has noticed an apparent drop in the nobility and honor of many of the Mandalorians these days, something that he wishes wasn’t true.

Zentaris Aeterna

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