Arrival on Coruscant

Zen returned to his seclusion after having contacted his Master and dealt with the incompetence in the communications center (Zens Trip). He was well on his way to meeting up with his Master to begin discovering the secrets of the Sith Holocron.

The holocron had not left his possession since he first discovered it back in Darth Valere’s base on Chargrin, and he had no intention of letting it leave his possession either. Zen tapped into the power of the Force and checked his surrounds yet again. And again the Force didn’t alert him to any immediate danger. The Force seemed to indicate that there were a handful of individuals on board the ship who were inherently dangerous, but each one of those beings are members his rag-tag team of current allies; one fellow Sith apprentice Torik Vaal, two Mandalorian soldiers Kel Alaris and Varo Taan, and a Sith wash-out assassin Zeik-Vergif.

But they were his allies, for the time being anyway. Any one of them could eliminate the entire ship’s crew and take over, but Zen believed they were all ready for a little down time to recover from the last mission.

Zen returned his thoughts to the holocron.

Did Valere create this holocron himself? Zen wondered. Or has he had it in his possession all these years? And where did he find it if he didn’t create it? Are there more?

Zen finally decided that he would try to access the holocron by himself. It was against his better judgment, and he knew his Master may end up severely punishing him for it, but a true Sith would never let such power slip through their fingers without at least trying to claim that power for themselves.

Zen pulled out the holocron from its hidden secure satchel and placed it on the ground in front of him and then sat down and being to meditate on the Force. He began channeling Dark Side energy into the holocron. He closed his eyes in concentration and opened himself up to the Force and the Dark Side. After a few moments of nothing happening, suddenly an invisible force lunged out of the holocron at Zen. It grabbed and encased him entirely. Zen immediately started hearing voices but there were so many of them and in so many languages it instantly overwhelmed him. Then just when he thought he was going to completely lose his sanity, a voice spoke out, clear and precise.

[You have not yet proven your devotion to the Dark Side of the Force to access these secrets.]

Then just as suddenly as it began, the invisible force disappeared, leaving Zen sitting in the exact same position he had been when he started. He looked up and saw the assassin looking at him.

“We have arrived on Coruscant, and will be docking in a few minutes. Better get that thing packed up and ready to move,” Zeik-Vergif stated plainly appraising Zen and the holocron.

“Very well,” Zen replied, quickly returning the holocron to its secure hiding place.

“And I won’t say anything,” the Yarkora replied before walking off.

Zen quickly packed up what little gear he had and made his way to the exit, very distracted.

I spent the entire trip trapped in that holocron?, Zen thought to himself. And I’m sure Vergif knows it too. And what must I do to ‘prove my devotion to the Dark Side’. I hope Master Slyfer and Master Drey’la have more luck with it than I did.

The ship had landed by this point, and the doors open. Zen quickly headed out the door and down the ramp. He walked a few more meters away from the ship and then turned to wait for his allies. Once they had all gathered, Zen turned to face them all.

“My Master has requested that all of us report to him in regards to what we found on Chargrin. Torik Vaal, I was made to believe that your Master will also be waiting for you there as well.” Zen stated in his formal diplomatic voice.

“Indeed,” was all the reply Zen got from Torik. Typical, Zen thought to himself.

“Why should we report to the Sith first, why not check into the Mandalorian Enclave here on Coruscant first?’ Kel Alaris asked.

“Because we are dealing with a Sith relic here. If it were a Mandalorian object of great power, then of course we would head to Enclace first,” Zen replied plainly.

“Di’kutla darjetti. Fine, Varo, let’s go back to Sith once again.” Kel stated, clearly displeased with the situation.

“Kote lo’shebs’ul narit, narudar. We still have a mission to complete, and right now that mission involves reporting to Master Slyfer,” Zen replied slipping into Mando’a flawlessly. The two Mandalorians exchanged a look, nodded, and most likely switched to private helmet comm. channels.

“Now if you will all follow me?” Zen said and headed off toward the transport center. Oncce there he saw what he had been expecting to see. A large, private speeder and pilot, both baring his Master’s insignia, waiting for him and his companions. He approached the speeder and got on board without even stopping to directly address the pilot. The rest of the group followed his and got into the spacious speeder. It was at this point the Zen finally spoke to the pilot.

“Let’s go, Driklia. My Master is waiting for me.” Zen said for probably the hundredth time.

“Right away, Master Aeterna,” the female Duros responded, before swiftly and gracefully sliding into the pilot seat and taking off into Coruscant traffic. It was clear that this transport had top level clearance, because the pilot flew the most direct route to Master Slyfer’s stronghold, ignoring civilian and even military traffic lanes entirely.

It took less half a standard hour and they were walking up the step to the large compound belonging to his Master. As they neared the top, they all spotted both Master Slyfer and Master Nuth Drey’la waiting for us.

“It’s about time, Apprentice. I was beginning to think you may have gotten lost,” Master Slyfer said in greeting.

“My apologies, Master. Public transportation is severely lacking when it comes to speed or urgency,” Zen replied bowing.

“So very true, Zen. Come, all of you come. We have much business to discuss in private,” Master Slyfer stated before turning around and walking into his compound.


The group exited the conference room when they had been for at least the last hour. Master Slyfer was the last to exit and when he did so, sealed the room both electronically and using the Force.

“Well, now that that business is concluded, I imagine that you two will wish to report to the Mandalorian Enclave as soon as possible. As such I have transportation waiting for you where you first arrived. While this objective is complete, the joint mission I’m sure is far from over.

When we are ready for the next move, the Sith High Council will alert your superiors,” Slyfer said addressing the Mandalorians. Again they just nodded and then walked back toward the entrance where they had arrived.

“Master Nuth, I’m sure you have things to do as well. Remember what we agreed upon, and you will do well. Until we meet again, May the Force serve you well,” Slyfer said turning the Bothan Sith Master.

“I will remember, Slyfer. Come Vaal, it’s time we left. May the Force always serve you,” Nuth said before also turning and heading to the landing pad where his personal shuttle was docked, with Torik Vaal following behind him.

“Zeik-Vergif, the Sith Dark Alliance would like to keep you on retainer for the time being. Accommodations have been made for your stay here until we need you again. You may no longer be Sith, but you still continue to serve us well. We will be calling upon you again, soon.” Slyfer said now addressing the Yarkora.

“Thank you, my lord. It’s always my honor to serve the Sith Dark Alliance,” Zeik replied before bowing and then making his way out of the compound.

“And that just leaves you, Zen.” Master Slyfer stated turning to his apprentice. “We have things to discuss, your training to continue, and I believe you wanted to get some new equipment, is that correct?”

“Yes, Master. We are going to need every advantage we can get if we are going to be successful on this mission,” Zen replied.

“Indeed, you will, Zen,” Slyfer replied as they walked down the hallway. “Indeed you will.”

Arrival on Coruscant

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