The Six Actions

Ke’juri beskar’gam
(Wear armor)

Ke’jorhaa’i Mando’a
(Speak Mandalorian)

K’ara’novo aliit
(Defend the family)

Ke’gaa’tayli aliit bralir
(Help the clan to succeed)

Ke’ba’juri sa Mando’ade
(Raise children as Mandalorians)

Ke’shekemi haar Mand’alor
(Rally to the cause of the Mand’alor)

Current Mand’alor: Mandalore The Victor – Rakno Mirlik. Draethos species.

Bio: Taken into slavery by the Hutt’s around 5399 ABY at around 12 years of age. Used by his Hutt master for fighting in different arenas. When he turned 20, his chance for escape came at the end of a match. He killed the guards around his cell, and with 5 other fighters, left Nal Hutta. finding his way to Mandalore, he pledged his allegiance to the Mandalorian way of life. He fought for different clans over a 100 year period. Finally adopted by clan Mirlik, he was finally a true Mandalorian. Around 5550, he challenged the Mandalore for control and easily won. Calling for a return to being the warriors they truly were, he united the clans and their space fleet under one banner: The Mandalorian Empire. Never forgetting what happened to him on Nal Hutta, Rakno began his conquest of the Outer Rim. By 5650, he had destroyed the Hutt influence in the galaxy, as well as controlled former Hutt space and controlled most of the Outer Rim. After his conquests, was given the name Mandalore the Victor. Most recently signed an uneasy treaty with the Sith Dark Alliance.

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