Session 1

The Sith were located on Korriban, which is in Mandalorian controlled space.
Sith group:
Zeik-Vergif (Yarkora species)
Torik Vaal (Keshiri species)
Zentaris Aeterna (Pau’an species)

This group was sent to Mandalore, where they met Mandalore the Victor. There they picked up three Mandalorians:
Varo Taan (Human)
Kel Alaris (Dashade species)
(the other character name eludes me right now…)

From Mandalore they were sent to Kalist, where the Sith and Mandalorian expedition team had stopped transmitting updates. While asking around about the expedition team, the group met Wilhelm (Herglic species). Wilhelm was also a Sith, but was working independently on the planet, renting speeders and selling supplies. Wilhelm joined them and guided them to the excavation site.

Together with Wilhelm, the group found the excavation site, and found all the scientists dead. They found several video logs, as well as some older journals and manuscripts. The underground facility was created over 800 years ago, and was the location of two Sith Lords who were put into cryostatis.

Sith Lords:
Darth Valere
Darth Serkan

The two Sith Lords awakened and killed the all of the crew in the facility. But they were long gone before the group arrived on the planet.

From Kalist, the group went to Prakith, the current seat of the Sith High Council. They informed the High Council of what happened, and turned over all the video logs to them. They waited a week before being sent to Bothawui, where Sith spies had reported seeing the two Sith Lords.
After landing on Bothawui, the group was directed to a possible location of the two Sith. It was a remote compound up in the mountains. While walking up the path, the group saw another person moving some boxes. When he caught sight of them, he took off running in the opposite direction.

The group followed, but was pinned by three sniper rounds. After the sniper fire stopped, the Sith members of the group used the Force to determine that the sniper had also fled. They continued up the mountain, eventually leveling off.

On the plateau, they saw a massive building in front of them, with two Sith acolytes standing guard. The acolytes attacked, but were eventually over-powered by the group. After the fight, the group took a moment to heal up; then Wilhelm suddenly announced that they were all going to die there. He then surprise attacked Torik from behind. The fight was brutal, but eventually the group managed to defeat the traitor, with Kel delivered the finishing shot from his blaster rifle.

Just before dying, Wilhelm exclaimed: Long live Lord Serkan.

The group decided to examine the large structure in front of them. Once inside, the Force let the Sith know that they were in imminent danger and needed to leave immediately. Looking up in the rafters, they saw several timers all counting down. The group made a hasty exit, but just as they got outside the building, it exploded. Both Kel and Zentaris were knocked out by the shrapnel and concussive blast of the explosion.

Kel and Zentaris were taken back to Prakith for medical attention, and then reported everything to the Sith High Council.

All characters gained 2 levels, 4 Dark Side points, and 2 Destiny points

Session 1

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