Session 2

Session 2 as annotated by Craig

The Sith High Council once again called the group together on Prakith. Sith spies have reported that the two wanted Sith Lords have been spotted on Ord Antalaha, and so the Council is sending them there to check it out. They have provided a shuttle and a pilot to take them there. The pilot drops he group off at the space port and then takes off back into orbit, saying to call him when they are ready for pick up.

Immediately Varo Taan heads to the nearest cantina with Kel Alaris following, to keep him from getting into too much trouble. Meanwhile Zeik-Vergif and Torik Vaal began searching the various shops for clues. Zentaris Aeterna called upon the Force which leads him to a droid dealer on the other side of town. Zeik quickly followed behind him, sensing that Zen was on the correct trail and radioed the others to follow who caught up at the droid dealer. Kel notices upon his arrival that this isn’t a small dealer but a fully equipped service shop, having a few HK model relics lying around almost as if on display. The shop dealer, a man the size and stature of Kel with cybernetic implants and wearing battle worn armor, says he may have seen the two men on the holo that Varo shows to him. Zen persuades the man to reveal a little more, and he states that he had seen the pair about a week ago but the human looked different. He also states that when they showed up they usually dealt with one of the other shops and points you in its direction.

When they arrive at the shop, the two Mandalorians notice that the shop is well traveled and is a front for fencing illegal goods. Zen successfully manages to persuade the small shopkeeper to tell what he knows. Apparently, the human in the holo has been loading cargo out of some warehouses for a while now and gives them a location about 300 km away. The group heads over to the speeder dealer and Zen tries to mind trick the being into giving them a speeder, however this being does not fall for it and turns security turrets on the group. The group agrees to rent the speeder and hire a pilot from the dealer and set off towards the warehouses.

During the trip, the pilot they hired, who never seemed to shut up, informs them that these particular warehouses have been abandoned for 700 or 800 years, but since the upkeep on them kept getting paid no one ever messed with them. Recently though there has been a lot of activity run by two people, a human and a bothan. Zen apparently fell asleep during the trip and missed what was going on. The rest of the group sees a lot of movement going on at the warehouses with several transports loading crated cargo into a large transport freighter. They also spot several figures moving from building to building. They come over a cliff face heading toward the warehouses when Kel notices that they are being watched. Just then a missile impacts the front of their speeder, instantly killing their pilot and throwing everyone else out. Kel having just spotted the danger manages to land without getting hurt. Everyone else who was caught unaware takes damage from the exploding speeder and from impact with the ground. Everyone regroups and heads off on foot toward the warehouses.

As they approach the far end of the complex, they all see squads of armed droids patrolling the warehouses. The Sith also manage to feel a very powerful dark presence coming for the other end of the complex where the freighter is currently docked. They reach the first warehouse and Kel taking the lead, as he normally does, uses his jet pack to fly up on top of the roof, right into another squad of droid guards, who start shooting at him with one shot connecting with his armor and damaging him. Zen having heard the commotion on the roof instead heads inside the warehouse. Inside he sees at least 300 more battle droids, activated, and quickly steps back outside of the warehouse without attracting any attention to himself. Varo uses his jet pack and flies up to the roof of the warehouse across from Kel and attempted to land on one of the battle droids, but the droid manages to evade the attack and two of the other droids manage to shoot Varo as he lands on the roof. Zeik having witnessed the security on both roof tops decides to sprint through the warehouses’ alleys as fast as he can, even using the Force to give him a Surge in speed. Zeik reaches the end of the warehouses and runs directly into an energy field, knocking him backwards and flat on his back. Torik started investigating his surroundings and discovered a fuel canister set with explosives, and determined that they are not set with timers meaning they must be set with remote detonators.

At this point, the large freighter takes off for orbit. Among the dust from takeoff, you all manage to spot a hooded figure wielding two red lightsabers. This being looks off in the groups’ direction and then speaks a command into his wrist comm channel. Kel jets back down to the ground, abandoning the roof top approach and starts to move back out from the warehouses, back the way they came but runs into an identical energy field as the one Zeik ran head long into. Varo uses his jet pack and flies straight up about 6 squares before hitting another energy shield. It is now revealed that the group is apparently trapped in a bubble shield covering the entire warehouse complex. Varo is shot several more times by the droids on the roof and so he drops a grenade on them destroying the remaining three droids before crashing back down onto the roof top. Zeik recovers from the knockback and gets up to discover the energy field that was in front of him has dissipated. He slowly moves forward again, the only direction seemingly available now, moving closer to the cloaked figure on the landing platform.

The cloaked figure sends out three lightsabers controlling them telekinetically with the Force, and the pulls out a large Vibro-ax that he wields in his hands.

Now that the true threat has been identified, Kel, Varo, Zen and Torik all start moving to back up Zeik, Varo using his jet pack to get back down to ground level along the way. While they are catching up, Zeik attempts to shoot the cloaked figure, but the shot is easily deflected by one of the lightsabers. Zeik then edges his way a bit closer to the figure as he waits for the others to arrive. The cloaked man then starts laughing as the rest of the group arrives. The being then picks Zeik up with the Force and throws him into one of the fuel containers, knocking Zeik unconscious and cracks the container, which starts leaking fuel all over the platform.

At this point Kel and Zen arrive and take cover on opposite sides of the platform. Varo, lagging behind the group a bit, moves forward and manages to patch himself up for the coming fight. As Varo passes the warehouses, droids start to file out of them, but do not start attacking. They instead seem to be pushing the group toward the cloaked being. Torik moves up and attempts to destroy the floating lightsabers by using the Force to throw gas on them and causing them to explode. Instead this only sets the hovering sabers on fire. Torik and Zen then both feel a large disturbance in the Force. Suddenly a large area of the platform erupts into a giant fireball, soaring about 15 squares in the air, catching all three of the Sith on fire, including the already unconscious Zeik. The leaking fuel canister then erupts and blasts into another fuel tank causing it to erupt and explode, knocking Kel to the ground.

At this point the floating lightsabers disappear, and the cloaked figure jumps into a nearby fighter and takes off into space. By the time the group has recovered from the blast, the fighter is nearly gone. The warehouse complex emergency droids have been activated and are putting out the fires and tending to the injured, including bringing Zeik back to consciousness and patching up everyone’s wounds. Just as they are finishing with the medical droid, their shuttle comes into view. The pilot says he saw the fireworks show the group put on and thought they might need a lift. As soon as they are all aboard Torik demands the ship to begin pursuit of the escaped starfighter. They locate the fighter just as it is docking with a much larger transport starship. The very large transport then shoots into hyperspace. Varo tells the pilot to start tracking it. A few minutes later, the pilot states that they must be heading for the Chargris system. Zen suggests following immediately.

The trip takes 3 days, allowing the characters to fully recover from the confrontation on Ord Antalaha. As soon as they exit hyperspace over Chargris they are immediately blasted by turbolaser fire. The shuttle they are in begins crashing through the atmosphere forcing the group to eject in an escape pod while their shuttle and its pilot burn up during atmospheric re-entry. The escape pod takes a direct hit from a passing starfighter and loses control. The pod crashed into the ocean near a small island chain that leads back to the mainland. It quickly becomes clear that none of them are prepared for this type of aquatic situation. Kel manages to reach the nearest island first, and sees there are a few more islands before reaching the mainland. Varo follows and then jumps into the ocean on the other side of the island and begins sinking like a stone, forcing him to activate his armors atmospheric seals for air. Zeik and Zen both struggle with the currents of the ocean being dragged under the water several times before Zen shoots his ascension gun and snags onto the cliff side of the nearest island. Zeik then uses the cable to rappel over to the island. Unfortunately this also loosens the grapple from the rock. Zen decides at that point to just use the Force to move himself to the island.

This pattern continues for the next few hours, ending with both Mandalorians sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor and just walking up onto the mainland. Zeik using a Force boosted Surge jump to leap across to the mainland. Torik managed to just swim the distance, and Zen using the Force again to move himself across to the mainland. As they each arrive, they are greeted by none other than the cloaked being himself, now revealed to be the wanted Sith Lord Darth Valere with an army of battle droids behind him. This is the last thing they see before blacking out.

The group eventually regains consciousness inside a large cell block with two ray shields, each with a droid guard, blocking the way out. They have been stripped of their armor and weapons. Zen senses that there are 2 very strong sources of dark side energy nearby. One matching that of Darth Valere, and another, lesser, energy signal. The group begins looking for a way out of the cell and manages to find an access hatch. Kel punches the durasteel panel, denting and lossening it. Zen then rips it from the wall with Force Move. Inside they discover that it has four sets of wires. Zeik, having seen this type of configuration before, manages to pull the wire to the energy field but also causes the cell temperature to soar to 150 degrees.

Zen uses the Force to pull the guard droid into the cell and into a wall disabling it in a shower of sparks. Kel takes the droids blaster rifle and sneaks across to a control building with Zeik sneaking along behind him. Zen begins looking for their equipment, while Torik and Varo start trying to slice through another access hatch. Zen isn’t able to spot anything in the immediate area and so begins using the Force and again senses Darth Valere a ways off but closer he feels a different type of dark side energy but not from a living being. Torik tries to break into the access hatch but misjudges his punch and ends up hitting the durasteel wall instead. Kel used the controls in the building to deactivate two of the three droids, and Zeik goes back to inform the rest of the group that the current path is almost clear.

Kel heads off to another building while the rest of the group advances on the last remaining droid. Kel examines the building and discovers it to be a generator housing building. Zen uses the Force to pull the processor out of the last droid’s brain causing it to immediately cease to function. Kel begins tampering with the generator and accidentally, or possible intentionally, begins to overload the generator, setting off an overload timer. Kel quickly returns to the group and informs them of the countdown. Zen then senses what is in the next room, and quickly rushes in. They recover all of their equipment, but also discover a red glowing pyramid shaped object. Zen quickly identifies it as a Sith Holocron and claims it for himself. Before an argument can seriously break out, Kel tells them to stop squabbling just as a voice echoes across the entire encampment that the generator will fail in 30 seconds, sending the entire base into a frenzy. Kel sees a speeder outside their present location and so they quickly load up and escape the compound as the generator overloads. Varo quickly determines there is a starport not too far away, and they head off to the nearest spaceport to try and find a way off this planet.

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Session 2

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