Session 2 Epilogue

As the group leaves the compound where they were held prisoners, the generator overloads and blows up. It takes a few seconds for the backup generator to kick in, but the group knows their time is limited, if they want to escape the planet.

“Push this thing to the limits, Varo!” Kel urges.

The engines strain as Varo pushes them to their limits. He follows the headings given on the nav computer, heading towards the nearest space port. In the back of the speeder, the three Sith look at the Sith Holocron, in half disbelief.

“I never thought I would actually be able to touch a newly found holocron,” Zen whispered to no one in particular.

“The Council will be pleased that we at least came away with this,” Torik offered.

“Don’t be naïve… we failed in our mission. You think they will tolerate such failure?” Zeik said gruffly.

“My master will know what to do,” Zen said.

The rest of the ride was in silence. Zen thought he heard Kel talking, but his body never moved, so it was hard to tell. If he was talking, it was probably to Varo over their helmet comms. It was one of those things that Zen never liked about the Mandos. It was also one of those things that usually gave them an advantage, which he did have to admire.

As they neared the star port, Kel looked to the group.

“Did anyone get away with any credits?”

They all shook their heads, indicating that no one had.

“Then we need to either get rid of this speeder, or sell that pyramid.”

“This holocron is property of the Sith. We will NOT sell it, nor will we hand it over to you,” Zen hissed.

Kel looked at the Sith for a moment.

“You better hope this speeder brings us enough credits, or your going to be stuck on this planet with that thing,” Kel said matter of factly.

It took almost half an hour, but they finally found a shop that dealt in used speeders. Kel showed the speeder to the dealer, but he was only offering 200 credits for it.

“200 credits?! You di’kut…”

“Kel, let me try my hand at this,” Zen offered.

He moved next to the dealer, and put his hand on the dealer’s shoulder.

“I think this speeder is worth at least 1000 credits.”

“You know, I might be able to give you 1000 credits for this, but that’s about as high as I can go,” the dealer said, almost in disbelief himself.


As the group left the shop, Kel looked at the credits in his hand.

“I hope this is enough.”

They made their way to the main transport area, looking at the different vessels and where they were going. They knew they had a head start on Darth Valere, but they also knew that he would not just sit back once he discovered his holocron was missing. As they looked at the different transports, it looked like nearly all the fares were running about 200 credits a being. The group looked at the vessels that were leaving the soonest, and saw the following:

Ship 125891 – Leaving to Taris
Ship 175611 – Leaving to Coruscant
Ship 226894 – Leaving to Nal Hutta

OK, so this is where you guys decide what to do. Just email me your response, do not reply to all.
Do you all stay together?
Do you go your separate ways for the time being, so that it will be harder for Darth Valere to track you down?

Zens Trip

Session 2 Epilogue

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