4,600 ABY – Coalition of Systems is founded

4,980 ABY – Dark Brotherhood of the Sith is formed
Coalition of Systems starts experiencing internal conflicts
Mandalorians begin to expand territory in the Outer Rim

5,000 ABY – Massacre at Gargon occurs
Mandalorians hold Jedi responsible for Massacre at Gargon

5,005 ABY – Mandalorians begin attacking Coalition ships that enter Mandalorian controlled space

5,100 ABY – Sith forces begins attacking Coalition of Systems

5,125 ABY – Battle of Prakith begins

5,126 ABY – Battle of Prakith ends, with the Sith defeating the Coalition
Sith begin full push for control of Byss Run
Battle of Keeara Major
Battle of Symbia
Battle of Koros
Battle of Kuar

5,127 ABY – Battle of Jerrilek
Coalition of Systems pulls all forces from The Deep Core
Coalition of systems establish bases on Endor and Javin

5,128 ABY – Mandalorians take control of Prelemian Trade Route in the Outer Rim
Mandalore the Expander ceases push for territories, focusing on internal affairs

5,129 ABY – Sith begin assault on Core worlds

5,135 ABY – First Battle for Coruscant begins
Sith block hyperspace lanes going to Coruscant

5,136 ABY – Sith withdrawl from attacking Coruscant after suffering heavy casualties

5,138 ABY – Second Battle for Coruscant begins
Sith Dark Army successfuly lands troops on Coruscant

5,139 ABY – Sith control southern hemisphere of Coruscant

5,140 ABY – Sith assassins kill the Chairman of the Coallition on Coruscant
Coalition Military Secretary takes control of Coallition forces

5,141 ABY – Military Secretary orders evacuation of Coalition military from Coruscant
Exodus from Coruscant begins
Sith destroy Jedi Temple with orbital bombardment
Sith send a warning message for civilians to stay on Coruscant
Orbiting Sith fleet attacks all ships fleeing Coruscant
Hundreds of ships escape Coruscant and Sith blockade

5,145 ABY – Sith forces gain control of most Core worlds

5,147 ABY – Dark Brotherhood High Council makes Prikith seat of Sith power

5,150 ABY – Mandalore The Expander is killed, replaced by unknown Mandalore

5,151 ABY – Coalition of Systems holds off Sith incursions in Colony and Inner Rim sectors

5,200 ABY – Dark Brotherhood cease attacks against the Coalition
Sith focus on hunting Jedi specifically

5,387 ABY – Rakno Harnili born on Thosa

5,399 ABY – Rakno Harnili sent to Nal Hutta as a slave

5,400 ABY – Dark Brotherhood civil war begins

5,405 ABY – Coalition of Systems sends a small fleet to edges of the Core to test Sith strength
Fleet under Darth Reaper destroys Coalition fleet at Corann

5,407 ABY – Rakno Harnili and five other fighters escape from Nal Hutta

5,410 ABY – Rakno Harnili lands on Mandalore

5,425 ABY – Darth Rilus kills Darth Reaper, taking control of his fleet

5,510 ABY – Rakno Harnili is adopted by clan Mirlik, changes name to Rakno Mirlik

5,500 ABY – Forty Sith Lords gather at Prakith
Treaty of Power is signed at Prakith

5,550 ABY – Rakno Mirlik kills an unknown Mandalore
Rakno Mirlik takes the title of Mandalore The Victor

5,560 ABY – Mandalore The Victor unifies the clans
The Mandalorian Empire is established

5,575 ABYZentaris Aeterna is born on Utapau.

5,580 ABY – Mandalore The Victor leads Mandalorian fleet into Hutt Space
Mando-Hutt Wars begin

5,585 ABY – Zentaris Aeterna (age 10) is kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in Hutt Space

5,600 ABY – Sith High council at Prakith declares unification of Sith forces once again
Sith Dark Alliance is formed

5,625 ABY – Massive Dark Alliance fleet enters Colony space
Coalition fleet suffers heavy casualties, falls back to Inner Rim

5,649 ABY – Zentaris Aeterna (age 74) is rescued from the Hutts by the Mandalorian Empire

5,650 ABY – Mando-Hutt wars end
Mandalore The Victor takes control of Hutt space, bringing it under the Mandalorian Empire
Bounty placed on all Hutts in Mandalorian space

5,675 ABY – Coalition of Systems disbands
Jedi Order goes underground

5,699 ABY – Zentaris Aeterna (age 124), having long worked for the Mandalorians under General Skirata, begins assisting with negotiations between the Mandalorian Empire and the Sith Alliance. Zen is revealed to be a force-sensitive and is handed over to the Sith as part of the negotiations.

5,700 ABY – Mandalorian Empire controls Outer Rim to Corellian Run hyperspace route
Sith Dark Alliance and Mandalorian Empire sign peace treaty
Borders created

5,765 ABYKel Alaris born

5,768 ABYZeik-Vergif born on Nar Shadaa

5,776 ABY – Varo Beviin born on Concordia

5,777 ABYTorik Vaal born on Kesh

5,779 ABYKel Alaris’s family murdered by Azalus the Hutt

5,784 ABY – Sa’Dar Beviin leaves family

5,785 ABY – Dramech Beviin and Varo Beviin move to Clan Taan area

5,787 ABY – Taan clan adopts Dramech and Varo Beviin.

5,787 ABYVaro Taan begins learning Mandalorain warrior ways from Taan clan members

5,795 ABY – Zentaris Aeterna (age 220) is finally chosen by a Sith Lord and begins his formal Sith training under a Duros Sith Lord, Master Slyfer.

5,800 ABY – Sith patrol spots opening in the ground on Kalist
Sith High Council dispatches archaeological team
Archaeological team stops transmissions


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