Varo sells some goods

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Varo stood on the balcony, viewing his target at high magnification. He had been following his quarry for days and had observed his every move. “Let’s hope this is worth all the hassle I have gone through,” he thought. He descended to the street by elevator and moved purposefully to the alleyway several blocks away. Climbing a ladder up and over the building, he quietly landed and moved into the shadows behind his prey. As he observed the man for a few seconds more, he checked his surroundings one last time. He detected nothing on the motion tracker, and thermal showed only the driver and an odd blip in the back of the truck which had been there for days, in the same spot, confined to only a few square meters.

Stepping from the shadows, he was behind the man in a flash. “Krayton, I knew I would find you here.”

The man spun around, hand instinctively reaching for his sidearm. Varo was faster, pointing his blaster carbine to the man’s face.

“Don’t worry friend. If I was going to kill you, you never would have known what hit you. I had to use a lot of influence to track you down,” Varo said.

“What do you want then? Money? To collect on a bounty? I am a nobody!” the confused human stammered.

“Neither of these things. I was told you were the man to see about buying certain things that the masters of this planet might take notice of if I went through other channels.”

“Then you heard wrong. I am an honest businessman and I don’t look for trouble.”

“Lies are not becoming. I know a good deal about you already. I know your real name is not Krayton. I know you have a ysalamiri in a cage in the back of your truck. I know you are a smuggler but you got sloppy. But I don’t care about all of that. I have something I want to unload, and the less you or anyone else knows, the better.”

“What is it then? “

Varo pulled two saber hilts from a pouch on his belt.

Krayton’s eyes went wide.

“Yes, I think I know just the sort of people who might want those.”

“Excellent,” Varo said. “Now all we have left to do is to agree on a price.”

“Let me show you what I have in stock,” Krayton said, opening the back of the truck.

Varo quickly scanned the contents. It was mainly guns and grenades, with bits and pieces of armor.

“I am not interested in a trade, just cash.”

“Cash takes longer since you are in a hurry.”

“I think you can work something out. Or I can always find someone off planet with deeper pockets.”

“No, cash is fine with me. I can give you 4,000 credits for the pair. You won’t find a better offer elsewhere.”

“Good, wire it to this account.”

Krayton began processing the transaction on his datapad.

Upon completion of the transaction, Varo nodded as he received confirmation of the deposit. As he handed the hilts to their new owner, he received another confirmation on his HUD. The money had bounced around over a dozen dummy accounts and shell corporations.

Turning around, Krayton got in his vehicle.

“Pleasure doing business with you. I trust I can retain your services in the future.”

“Yeah, you obviously know how to find me. Just make sure you stay discreet,” Krayton said as he drove away.

Varo activated his jet pack and screamed out over the skyline.

Varo sells some goods

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