Zen awakens

Zen awoke in the medical wing of the Sith Temple on Prakith. The last thing he remembered was the deafening sound of a building exploding behind him. He quickly checked himself over using the Force. He had not lost any limbs or received any other permanent injury. That said, his entire body ached, and felt battered and bruised. He noticed a medical droid moving through the room.

“Droid! How long have I been here?” Zen demanded of the droid.

“Patient 413, Apprentice Zentaris Aeterna, has been in the medical wing for 3 days, 2 hrs, 43 minutes, and 17 seconds.” The droid responded mechanically.

“What is my status? I wish to leave as soon as possible!” Zen replied.

“Patient 413 has extensive contusions over 78% of the body. Patient 413 also received a concussive mild traumatic brain injury, grade 3, resulting in loss of consciousness. No significant or permanent external or brain damage was sustained. Patient 413 will be monitored for an additional 24 standard hours after regaining consciousness before being released to his Master for continued observation.” The medical droid spouted before continuing his rounds.

“Twenty four hours, my shebs!” Zen said and set up in his bed. The movement was far too quick and Zen immediately became dizzy and lightheaded. He could now feel the very sore lump on the back of his head where something had hit him.

“Still cursing in Mando’a, Apprentice?” A voice said coming from the entrance of the room. Master Slyfer was appraising his apprentice with a disapproving scowl.

“Fifty year old habit, Master. And the Mando’s do have the best slang curses.” Zen replied coming back to his senses with the arrival of his master.

“You are a Sith now, do not forget that. But I agree, the Mando’a language can be amusing at times. Now tell me, Zen, what happened on your mission that ended with you here.”

“We were betrayed and walked into a trap, Master. We met a Sith Herglic named Wilhelm on Kalist who led us to Bothawui and a large compound up in the mountains, before attacking us. He was defeated, and we thought the danger passed, but as we entered the compound the Force warned again of danger, only moments before the entire compound exploded around us. I have no memory after that until waking up here, Master,” Zen explained slowly.

“I see. Your account matches the reports by Vorik Taal and Zeik-Vergif. These two Sith Lords who are now on the loose are a cause for grave concern, my young apprentice. You have come quite far in the few years I have been training you. But clearly you have not learned enough to keep yourself alive. That changes tomorrow, the moment you receive medical release. You will be training with me until the Council calls for you. Prepare yourself, or you will die.” Master Slyfer had not moved from the doorway while talking to Zen. But at the last words, a grave expression crossed his face and he turned, quickly moving out of sight.

Zen knew his Master had meant what he had said.

Zen awakens

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